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Bionomenclature EP (2011)

Latest Release - 5 Studio Tracks. Recorded at CCRStudio in Palm Bay, Florida.

Dekada (2009)

Unreleased demo tracks plus Live tracks from the Cold Path Tour. 13 Tracks.

The Cold Path Of Man (2007)

10 Studio Tracks. Recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa at Dark Angel Studios.

FCC (Forcing Censored Content) EP (2005)

3 Studio Tracks. Recorded in Melbourne, Florida at Studio 101.

Live, Demos and Rarities (2003)

12 studio tracks. Unreleased, demo tracks from Reborn and more. Currently unavailable.

Reborn (2001)

Debut full length. 9 Analog Recorded Studio Tracks. Recorded in Longwood, Florida at ARS Studios.

Godsick Single (2000)

Not Available. 3 demo version pre-released tracks from Reborn

4 Song Cassette (1998)

Not Available. 4 demo fourtrack recording songs. Recorded in Titusville, Florida

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