Diabolic Intent - Bionomenclature EP (2011)
New Album. 5 Studio Tracks. Recorded at CCRStudio in Palm Bay, Florida.

Diabolic Intent - Dekada (2009)
Unreleased demos and Live tracks from the Cold Path Tour. 13 Tracks.

Diabolic Intent - The Cold Path Of Man (2007)
10 Studio Tracks. Recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa at Dark Angel Studios.

Diabolic Intent - FCC (Forcing Censored Content) EP (2005)
3 Studio Tracks. Recorded in Melbourne, Florida at Studio 101.

Diabolic Intent - Live, Demos and Rarities (2003)
Just as the title states. Coming soon. 12 Tracks.

Diabolic Intent - Reborn (2001)
Debut full length. 9 Studio Tracks. Recorded in Longwood, Florida at ARS Studios.

Diabolic Intent - Godsick Single (2000)
Not Available.

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