Diabolic Intent 1998 - 2020

And so we begin our history lesson in the year 1998. Metal was at a new low in the states and the music trend of the month was nothing to write home about. The USA was in need of a metal resurrection… Ant (vocals), Chris Migdalski (7 string guitars), Mike Raines (6 string bass), Tony Burns (6 string guitars) and Ed Lopes (percussion) joined together as a musical force in hopes of helping the dying scene locally in Florida. They named the sound Diabolic Intent and began touring the Central and Northern areas of Florida. DI started off on the right foot, with their first show being the ESPN extreme sports and music fest. A 4 song demo was self recorded and released via the underground tape trading world. An estimated 200 copies were given away at shows and in public.

As things progressed, Diabolic Intent was faced with a malicious tour schedule for 2000. Founding member, Tony Burns parted ways with the band. As time went on, the need for the rhythm section live was growing, and Matt Potter was enlisted to cover the guitar void. DI started out on their Reborn In Chaos tour with opening position for Cannibal Corpse and Mastodon. With this push, the band drove even harder, booking and promoting hundreds of shows in Orlando and surrounding areas bringing in bands like Dying Fetus, Monstrosity, Diabolic, All Out War, Mortician and many more. By the end of 2000, Diabolic Intent's material was solid enough for recording and the debut album "Reborn" was conceived.

ARS Studios in Longwood, Florida became the first step in creating the debut. DI spent around 2 week's total recording time in the studio, broken up over a 6 month period. Due to these schedule problems with the studio, the album was released a little late and came out in 2001. Nine brutal tracks offered up a diverse plate of content ranging from self realization to the ever longfull questions of faith. DI hit it out of the park, receiving great reviews from Metal Maniacs (Oct 2001), Brutallica (Oct 2001) and many other great magazines and fanzines. The album has independently sold more than 2200 copies with no radio support, no ad campaigns and no label support. This was done solely by word of mouth and live show presentation. With such an indepent presence, Relapse Records picked up Reborn as a distributor and was available thru Relapse Records. After the album was Released, DI set back to touring… What they do best….

Continuous touring over the next year kept the guys busy for a while. Touching down all across the eastern US shores DI took the stage with another full roster of great bands during the hiatus including: Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, Killswitch Engage, Chimaira, Origin, Black Witchery, Trivium, Skinless, Gorguts and many more. DI played their last show with founding member Ed Lopes in 2002 headlining with Lamb of God in North Carolina. Ed sighted musical differences as the cause to the departure.

After a long search, DI managed to uncover a hidden master of blasting deep in the swamps of Palm Bay, Florida. Mop (Maniac on Percussion), as he has been named, was the final element missing from the mix and brought in a devastating precision of blasts and death metal ferocity. With all the pieces working, DI started touring again while working new tracks into the set list. As an incentive for fans, Diabolic Intent headed off to local Brevard County recording outlet, Studio 101 in Melbourne, Florida to record the "FCC (Forcing Censored Content) EP". This was the premiere of the new drummer and the new direction for the band. 3 new tracks were not sold, but given away for free. The free EP spread like wild fire with DI offering it for free download from their website and uploading it to every major file sharing network possible. The essence of free music makes a lot of people smile, in times of endless battle with piracy and lawsuits. It seemed like the right thing to do.

The rest of 2004 the guys took to a short tour of the Lower US in support of FCC with the Censor This Tour. In February 2005, original member, Mike Raines quit to pursue his career. Instead of searching for new members, Ant started playing bass in addition to his vocal duties. Now a three piece, DI is showing their dedication to the cause. Never stopping, no matter the conditions or circumstances DI always pressed on.

In 2005 Diabolic Intent started writing the new album, entitled "The Cold Path of Man". This was a sort of theme album based on religion, evolution and political influence over society. And what a better way, then to fly to where life all began… where the oldest traces of evolution are found... in Africa. And so, in 2006, DI set forth on the 24 hour plane trip to Johannesburg, South Africa to record the new album. Becoming the first unsigned international US recording artist to grace the S. African soils. With 19 straight days at the leading South African studio, Dark Angel Studios, with two of the top female producers, Leanne Warren (UK) and Dark Angel herself, the sophmore CD has recieved a professional level of production and the raw elements not found in US mixes. To date the album has been downloaded over 70,000 times from the bands official website (right here).

Now back in the United States, DI is once again back to touring, this time more precise than ever, having learned a thing or two about working with click tracks and the importance of keeping time, DI has become a well oiled machine of pure brutal music. The band continued with their well know live show touring and support for Cold Path spanning another 2 years. The Cold Path Tour would cover the entire lower United States and includes many well known national acts on headliner including, Obituary, Six Feet Under, Misery Index and many others.

DI is no stranger to the media, having graced the front page of newspapers from Florida to New York. Appearing in all the major magazines of the times including Pit Magazine, Metal Maniacs, Brutallica and many more.

In 2007, Christopher Migdalski was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. This would forever change the band... as time progressed they stopped playing live in 2008. The guys had enough material to record another full length album, tenatively called, "Neurotic Bloodworks". The album never made it to the studio... Ant and Chris joined side projects and experimented with finding themselves again musically... Christopher suffered from a deep depression and withdrew from the band in 2009. The material was eventually released in demo form as the 2009 album, "Dekada".

By 2011 the 3 started discussing bring back DI for another round and quickly started recording a new album called "Bionomenclature". This 5 song ep became the pinnacle of change with Ant investing into studio equipment so the band could now fully control all aspects of the album. Engineer, mixed and produced by the band, Bionomenclature marks the closest recording yet to the bands true to form sound. The guys set out in support of the new release, touring the lower US once again with a devostaing show. Dominic St Charles (Urn) was enlisted as the touring support guitarist for Christopher for the duration of the tour.

After a brief hiatus, the band returned in 2018 with an announcement on YouTube and the launch of a new web series show called Heavy Metal Networks. They are now showing everything that goes into keeping a band together for over 20 years. Uploading weekly the show is gaining popularity and is soon to become an underground hit. They are documenting the creation and recording of their highly antisapated new album and the journey of Christopher and Parkinsons Disease. An inspiration to millions as he forges forward and continues to create.